Thursday, 22 June 2017

What Does Bleeding Gums mean?

All of us at some point might have bleeding gums. It’s important that you know why that is, and why you might want to go see your Santa Clarita dentist. Of course, for some people, they might have perfect oral health, and you might see that, wondering just what this means. Well, you’re about to find out, for this article will tell you all that you need to know about what some of the reasons why you might have bleeding gums.

Now, if you look at your gums, they should be pink, and not red. That means that they’re healthy, and you can make a C shape around the neck area of the tooth, which is where it gets skinnier. Where they touch the teeth, they will create a little groove, which is almost like a collar around the area. While gums are small, they’re important, for they do protect the roots and the neck of the teeth from bacteria. Without the gums guarding the teeth, bacteria can sneak behind and damage the tissues, and then, over time the tissues will become too damaged, and the might even fall out. That’s alarming, but there are a few causes for bleeding gums.

Sometimes gums bleed because of something irritating them, and often, the biggest cause is gingivitis, which is gum disease. If you don’t brush and floss a lot, the bacteria will build up in the groove around this area, and it can be white or yellowish. As they grow more, it can irritate the gums, and gingivitis in the earliest stages, with the most common side effects being bleeding and red gums, along with sensitive gums, and bad breath. Luckily, your dentist can brush away the plaque to help you keep it off of your mouth, allowing you to have good gums. Now, you want to watch out for this, for if it starts to pull away from the teeth, it’ll lead to bacteria spaces. The longer this lives, the worse it gets.

Now, there is also the element of pregnancy. With pregnancy, all of the changes that happen affect the entire body. You gum get affected by his as well, getting swollen and so sensitive that it hurts when you brush and floss. You might want to go see your doctor and from there, they can help you with how to take care of your teeth while you’re pregnant.

There are medicines that actually can cause this as well. Some of the medicines that you take do cause the gums to bleed a to more even if you do take the time to have the best flossing and brushing habits. For example, blood thinners and aspirin actually will keep the blood from clots that stop bleeding. The medicines will then increase the risk of bleeding gums, and not only that, it will actually cause your gums to bleed for a lot longer once you’re done brushing. You will want to talk to your dentist about this, especially if you’re taking medicine such as this. Dentists want to make the mouth as healthy as possible, but the general health is unknown, the right care won’t be possible.

Then finally, there is a new oral routine. For many of us, we tend to get lax on our oral health routines, but, if we start to do it more often, we might end up bleeding a lot more in our gum areas as it gets used to the habits. You’re clearing away more plaque from your gums, and they might start to bleed from the sudden changes. This should go away after a while, and you’ll start to see almost no bleeding at all.

Regardless of it all, you should be mindful about bleeding gums. Think about what is going on with yourself, and from there, see if you need to go see the Santa Clarita dentist to help you with any sorts of problems. If you do, then it won’t hurt you, and who knows it might help out a lot. You’re in charge of your own oral health, so making sure that any problems with bleeding gums are targeted is essential for you to handle.

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